The best gifts to bring your host

I first had the idea for this post when I was pottering around the shop at the Royal Academy.

I love a gift shop, always have ever since I was a child. I’m still partial to cruising around a National Trust shop with all the knick-knacks and overwhelming aromas of lavender.

Anyway, whilst at the RA I spotted some Luke Edward Hall illustrated bottles of gin and sparkling wine and thought ‘don’t mind if I do! Just imagine if someone was so chic as to arrive with a bottle of that when they came over for dinner.’ (Friends reading take note).

It got me thinking about the more interesting, thoughtful gifts you could bestow upon your hosts this season.

The next two months can become a little fraught what with all the parties, concerts, dinners and nativity performances no matter how much careful planning you do. Stock pile the below for those moments when you’re staying with friends and family, heading to a dinner party or want to surprise them with something interesting all in the name of not arriving in a panic with a bottle of warm Jacob’s Creek.

Above: Royal Academy x ELLco London Dry Gin, £30 . Royal Academy x Coates & Seeley English Brut, £30

Gien, Oiseaux de Paradis Paper Napkins, £6.95 . &Klevering Blue Classic Paper Napkins, £7.93

Archivist Reindeer Luxury Christmas Matches, £5.95 . Rowen & Wren Mini Taper Candles, £9

Dassie Artisan Blue Elise Tea towel £12.25 . Redecker Pot Brush, £4.50

Bastide Figue D’Ete Hand Cream, 30ml £18 . Priddy Essentials Hellibore & Linden Hand Wash, £12.95

Diana Henry ‘How to Eat A Peach’, £18.78

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