Adopt a Shop this Christmas: Maze

How to make a difference to small businesses this Christmas? Adopt a shop, that’s how.

Having heard about the idea via the great Mary Portas’ Instagram, I decided I would do just that and encourage all my lovely Minford readers and followers to do the same.

Over the next few Sundays I will be choosing an independent shop from somewhere in the UK who I would like to adopt for my Christmas shopping this year because they have an edit and collection that I love, and, who I think you’d do well to adopt yourselves. You can of course adopt any shop you like, it’s really the idea I’d love to plant into your minds just in case the allure of a last minute Amazon virtual smash and grab was on your agenda.

First up, is a family run business ‘Maze‘ in Bristol. They initially caught my eye as they seemed to have the largest collection of my beloved Walther & Co Christmas decorations in the country but their offering stretches well beyond that to a beautiful collection of homeware, fashion and lifestyle.

I’ve focused on their homeware and done an edit of all my favourite pieces which you can see below. Shop away and know that you are doing your bit to support a small independent store this Christmas.



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Such lovely pieces