Kitchen Inspiration

The Kitchen. Is there any other room in the house that can illicit such decision making hand-wringing? Do you save on a work surface? Splurge on a fridge? Will you hate it in a few years and what, oh what type of taps are you going to stare at as you do the washing up? It clearly helps if the bones of the room you’re working with have epic ceilings and light but we can’t all live in a World of Interiors shoot. So how’d you make your dream kitchen come together?

If you’re here reading this, you’ll know that I’ve never been a fan of ultra-modern, slick kitchens. Minimal yes, but I don’t want to see my reflection in glittery granite. I like a kitchen to have character, warmth and feel serene. For me, what makes this space beautiful comes down to your material use. New modern elements should always meet old.

Sleek marble countertops are paired with an old wardrobe repurposed as a larder. New high gloss cabinets are softened with reclaimed wood shelving. Textured walls and chalky paint colours ease the edge of modern units. But if in doubt, copy and paste the below — these are the inspirational kitchens that I love.

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Shabs rashid

Loved this blog on kitchens. Gorgeous images thanks for collating.