Habitat's New Collection IS AMAZING

Habitat. Fair to say they’ve had a bit of a bumpy ride over the last few years. I must say unless I’m in the market for a picture frame it’s not been at the top of my list of go-to destinations for a while. Well, thanks to a tip off from a friend with serious interior credentials, that has just changed. Habitat have had a huge drop in the ‘New In’ section on their site with 604 products to be precise, and luckily for you I have meticulously tralled through each and every one to bring you my top selections. Oh happy days when I realised there’s a fat 25% discount code running until the 1st of May.  On your marks, get set…

DISCOUNT CODE: HAB25 (ends 1st May)

This comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Perfect, chic and understated.  Top of my list.
. Coffee Table .

Sod the outdoor bit and get it in your sitting room now as a side table. Remember that something has to be a bit off in every room tip? Hi there chic interior person.
. Side Table .

Black and brass together make for the best combo. Two sizes? Yes please!
. Storage Trunk .

 Garden furniture can be a bit of a hornets nest.  This has all those Jardin du Luxembourg vibes at a wallet friendly price.
. Garden Chair .

 I’m having a thing about weird objects at the moment OK. Come with me on this one.
. Black Jug .

 Instantly turn your home into a Hamptons beach house with the edition of a pillowcase or two ;-).
. Pillow .

Yves Klein Blue matt ceramics. OMG.
Blue Mug . Store Jar . Espresso Cup in Blue . Espresso Cup in Black

Rattan Alert

You know that really irritating moment? The one where you find your dream room on Pinterest, try to track down the exact furniture in the picture but can’t find it? Yeah. It’s a pain. Well for once, Pinterest and Real Life have become one. The incredible curved rattan bed from a shoot I styled a few years ago for Homes & Gardens is back in stock. If you happen to be in the market for a new bed may I heartily recommend this one.

Curved Rattan Bed


If I had my time again this is what I would buy for a nursery. With three kids under my belt – they broke said belt actually but let’s not go there 😉 – I feel I can impart a good deal of wisdom on this subject.

Sleeping: You need a moses basket and a cot bed, NOT a cot. Even though you won’t believe that your precious miniature bundle will ever one day get big they grow SO fast. Trust me. If you want a top tip from an old pro save your pennies and invest in a cot bed to see you the distance until they can sleep in a proper grown up bed.  A Cot bed is more robust. This is important because once they grow, things get trashed quickly. I’ve looked at hundreds and chosen the Laurette Convertible Cot Bed because I love the shape and the fact that it’s not white, or this on sale with 50% off East Coast Toulouse Convertible Cot. My favourite moses baskets are Numero 74s – a bit more spendy than the usual John Lewis affair but SO good and if you are blessed with more tiny people it will get plenty of use.

Cot bedding: I LOVE these beautiful LAB cot bumpers and am obsessed with mix and matching different patterns and textures in the cot.  At first you can also go for a pretty coloured or patterned fitted sheet.  There’s not much call for duvet covers for quite a while. This one from Camomile London is gorgeous and I also like this grey mini gingham one from The White Company.

Sleeping Bag: Invest in a nice sleeping bag. You will see it almost everyday and they have the added bonus of being seriously nice to cuddle. This Numero 74 Sleeping Bag comes in so many great sludgey colours or I found this brilliantly priced Verbaudet Baby sleep Bag which I think is a dead ringer for a Caramel baby or Marie Chantal jobbie.

Mobile: Hang a mobile over the changing mat not the cot. You want them to sleep in the cot but you want them to be distracted when you’re changing their nappy so hopefully they don’t **** all over you. I brought this Flensted Circular Bunnies Mobile on a trip to Paris in Saint Germain for Aurelie. It makes me feel all sentimental. I also love the idea of having this Volta Paris mobile in the room. While I’m on the subject you don’t need a changing mat cover or special towel thingy, you need a mat to be wipe down for the reason stated above.

Wallpaper: I’m partial to a statement wallpapered wall in a nursery or child’s bedroom and these are my top picks for such a task.  My all time favourites are Cole & Son Hummingbirds and Melville, and a design called Raphael by Sandberg.  I got so far as to wallpaper the inside of the girls wardrobe in the Hummingbirds and I’m about to order the Melville for Benjmain’s room.  It’s hard to express how much I love it!  I would so use any of these in the children’s rooms now and Aurelie is 10.  i.e it’s worth the investment.

Above all have nice things for you in the nursery, don’t theme everything around the baby. Frankly it can be lonely and quite hard work in the night feeding so you want things to cheer you up and a lovely environment for you to sit in.  Soon it will be full of fluro pink Barbies or Spiderman posters so enjoy a bit of chic styling whilst you can.

P.S I have tried for HOUUUUUURS to find you beautiful and practical pictures of nurseries but it seems there are very few out there! So you have inspiring children’s bedrooms instead to help you along.


Images from Aurelie Lecuyer

Image from Sanne Hop




Bar Stools

I asked you lot (good old readers) at the beginning of the year what you’d like advice on and Janine tasked me with this post – where to find a great bar stool.

So today things are simple. Here’s my pick of my favourite bar stools and where to find them. There’s the easy wins from John Lewis and Heal’s where no online bidding is neccessary. Then there’s the Etsy finds or vintage picks for something more unusual. Pinch make the Chanel handbags of stools. They are so comfy and well worth the investment if you have the pounds.

When choosing bar stools really think about elegance and clean lines. I’ve included some inspiration of some of my favourite kitchens. And in my own home (in the above picture) I like to mix and match them rather than buy one style in bulk. Let me know how you get on!

  1. Industry Valley Bar Stool
  2. Galvanised Tolix Style Bar Stool
  3. Pinch Bar Stool
  4. Pair of 1960’s French Bar Stools
  5. Ercol Bar Stool
  6. John Lewis Croft Bar Stool






The Home Office

As with all things in interiors taking a room from ‘I bought everything in Ikea’ to a more personal cool space requires a little extra thought. Nowhere is that more evident than when you’re designing your home office. Office furniture needs to be practical and that often means ‘pretty’ gets left behind.

(Nothing wrong with buying from Ikea in fact they do a jolly nice trestle table, chest of drawers and office light – just don’t buy everything from there!)

Making the space feel inviting and giving it some personality is key. Have a mood board above your desk with your favourite paintings and inspiring pictures. Mix old and new.  I think keep your colours neutral  in your office space so that your work/mood board can do the talking.

Desk: Unless you have the luxury of a space where you can make a built in desk then a trestle table is your friend.  They look great but have the added advantage of being able to be quickly broken down if you need your office space for something else. I have the black steel trestle legs from Habitat which are fantastic and come in both small and large sizes.  As for the top that’s entirely up to you.  You could get some reclaimed wood made up into a desk top (my current plan), paint something pine from Homebase white or black or get one of the ready made tops that are often sold along with the trestle legs.

Chair: This obviously needs to be comfortable. Stools look great in a photo but you don’t want to be sitting on one all day. Nor do you want a massive office chair if your office isn’t hidden away. If it happens to look good and be on wheels so much the better but nice ones are often seriously expensive. My top pick is below.

Trolley: I must say I am very taken with this trolley from Cox & Cox.  I think it’s a really useful thing to have in an office space for all your files or boxes and you’ve guessed it, it’s on wheels.

Lamp: There are many routes to go down here and I’ll probably do a post later in the year devoted solely to desk lights but for now this company is my current favourite – LongMadeCo in America. I have a friend who orders all their lights from them. They look really expensive but are still a great price.  Don’t let the fact that they are in America put you off. International shipping is a thing of joy!

Below are my favourite office spaces to inspire you with your own home office.

We’re following on from here with a stationery special on friday so be sure to check back then!

  1.  Cox & Cox Vintage Metal Trolley
  2. Long Made Co Scissor Lamp
  3. Design Vintage Le Sac Recycling Bag
  4.  Hay About A Chair AAC27 Available in loads of different colours!
  5. Habitat Black Steel Trestle Legs  also available in small
  6. Bisley Filing Cabinet