Galvanise Your Garden

I can’t think of an interior stylist on the planet who won’t have a galvanised vintage dolly tub with an olive tree plonked somewhere in their outdoor space. These pots are a stylists best friend.

I am in the fan club myself for a few reasons: they’re an interesting alternative to terracotta that would be the usual go-to for garden pot plants and they weather beautifully.

The vintage dolly tubs are like gold dust. So if you’re at an antiques market and miraculously see one without a sold sticker on BUY IT. I’ve found 2 on Etsy if you’d rather not leave your sofa.

If, like me, you’re in the ‘grey is great gang’ and can never get enough of the shade then consider galvanising the rest of your garden with metal tabletops, chairs and outdoor lighting.

My stash of watering cans in the sun in the garden. If you’re in the market for a vintage galvanized watering can I found three in this etsy shop.

 Garden Trading Swan Neck Light . Vintage Galvanised Dolly Tub and also here.  These and these are probably the best I’ve found as far as a new get the vintage look version goes. Cox & Cox 3 Aged Zinc Planters . Metal Chair . Galvanised table (not strictly for outside but I like to put mine in the garden).



How To Style Flowers On A Mantlepiece

One of the major plus sides of my job is that at the end of a shoot I often get to bring half the contents of a florists shop home with me (actually half of the flower market in Vauxhall which I will have visited at some ungodly hour that morning).  Sometimes, I’m tired so they just go in a big zinc bucket and sit in the kitchen, but yesterday morning I decided to channel my inner Constance Spry and have a bit of play.

I thought I’d show you how I decided to style them. The idea here is to demonstrate that you don’t always have to plonk everything in a big vase. You can go all out with a mantlepiece and if someone comes over to ask who got married, so be it.

Here are my tips to nailing the composition

1.) You don’t have to buy lots of flowers to create a really beautiful effect. A collection of single stems can be just as dramatic.

2.) Consider hacking off the odd tree branch or shrub.  Don’t just stick to flower stems.

3.) Use a whole mishmash of vases.  Play with different shapes.

4.) You don’t always need to stick to a vase.  Use a bottle or a water carafe.

5.) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, always have an odd number.

If you want to ‘try this at home’, here’s a selection of vases I’ve put together.

Shop similar vases: Cox & Cox Recycled Glass Vase . House Doctor Set of 3 Grey Handblown Vases . House Doctor Large Bottle Neck Vase . Vintage Hungarian Handblown Bottle Vase 3 sizes available . Garden Trading Recycled Glass Bottle


Kirsten Hecktermann

There are cushions, and then there are Kirsten Hecktermann cushions.

Almongst other things she was the seamstress of choice for all the World of Interiors photo shoots for about a million years.

She makes the most insanely beautiful hand dyed velvet cushions in all manor of combinations and perfect muted colours.

Those big ol’, wonderfully plump cushions are on my sofa at home, always find a way onto my sets, and on my last jaunt to Tuscany, cushioned the posterior of supermodel Arizona Muse. NBD. This is, for those in the market for beautiful cushions, my major insiders tip.

If that’s not wondrous enough she sells her hand dyed velvet as lengths that you can use for curtains or upholstery and is available for bespoke commissions.

Frankly, in my opinion, this is the only place to buy your cushions.

Let's Talk About Pantone Greenery

So in December Pantone announced that ‘Greenery’ is their colour for 2017 saying that the shade is “illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate”. Essentially when the world looks like it’s going to pot, this is an optimistic “life affirming shade” say the Pantone bods. Well… That wasn’t my first reaction.

Instead I was a little bit sick in my mouth to be honest. Infact that should have been the name of the shade. That or ‘Bile’ would have done it. HOWEVER *eats a small slice of humble lime pie* having let the idea stew for a few weeks I am reconsidering. It’s been a bit of a slow burn but it’s really grown on me.

I am still not advocating for painting this colour on walls but think ‘in the mix’ as they say it can actually be a bit fabulous.  For me you need to pair it with a lot of off white and go sort of American veranda chic meets old school English floral madness. I really like the look of it in a bold floral fabric paired with a stripe. I’ve long held aspirations to cover a rattan day bed in House of Hackney’s Castanea linen and this may just be the year to do it.

Where’s Twig?  She’s lying in the summerhouse surrounded by lime green accessories oxyengating and reinvigorating.

1. House of Hackney Castanea Linen

2. Ian Mankin Devon Stripe

3. Pierre Frey Espallier

4. Designers Guild Recycled Glass Vase

5. Oka Cabbage side plates

6. Conran Shop Linen Napkins

7. Raj Tent Club White Metal Chair

Larder Love

I’m having a post-Christmas freak out. I’ve over done it on everything – food, drink, BRANDY BUTTER – but strangely my main issue is not tight trousers, it’s with stuff.  I’ve started madly cleaning out cupboards and taking endless bags to the charity shop. For me, you need to forget spring cleaning. Now is the time to do it. Everyone’s a bit skint, the nights are dark and what better time to go through all your cupboards and sort your life out.  If at this point you’re getting a bit worried I’m about to start talking about ‘Sparking Joy’ rolling up your knickers into tiny balls don’t worry. I’m not.

I’d actually like to discuss the joy of a well stocked and organised Larder cupboard. Frankly other than browsing Zara’s New Now section nothing beats a bit of staring at a perfectly organised larder. Some of you may already have a Plain English walk in larder and if you do *sod off* how wonderful for you and do send me a picture.

If you’d like a larder cupboard but don’t have one already I’ve included some that have caught my eye and won’t bankrupt you. At home I have an old cupboard I brought at Ardingly antiques for £300 and it does a wonderful job.

If like me you feel the urge to Pinterest your larder cupboard of a January evening here’s where to get the necessary paraphernalia from.

Above: Devol Pantry Cupboard

The Grande Larder cupboard from Angel & Boho and I’m also loving this from Vintage Street Furniture

Antique brass label holders


Mason Jars and Kilner Jars


Wire Basket

The marble sideboard might be a bit of a stretch but a little slab and some enamel ware isn’t

Baskets and an alternative Recycled Paper Bag which I’m going to try out for storing my potatoes!