Yes, It's A Man Bag

This post has sprung from a desperate plea from various friends about what in the world to buy for Father’s Day. I’m not about to start banging on about experience days and artisanal alcohol gifts but what I can share is what I have personally decided to purchase. I realised my husband was in dire need of a new backpack the other day when I spotted him jumping on his bike to work with a couple of safety pins holding the zip together. Matches sale started and it all fell happily into place.  I bought a Malle Backpack almost identical to the one below (sadly now sold out so hurry if you think it might work for you).

I don’t think you can go wrong with a bag purchase be it backpack, satchel, weekend or wash bag. Here’s my round up below hopefully with something for every budget.

Whistles Roll Top Backpack has 30% off . Mango Canvas Weekend Bag . Malle Edward Cotton-Canvas Backpack has 60% off . Sandqvist Messenger Bag . Malle William Backpack has 50% off . Cos Cotton Canvas Wash Bag



The Perfect Personalised Present for the miniFords

I bought these personalised book stickers for Benjamin and my godson recently and I’ve decided they need to be shared.

I love gifts for children with an oldie worldie charm (I am trying to resist the sparkled plastic stuff for as long as possible). These beautiful bookplates tick the box as something that parents and children will both like.

They do require a little forward planing if you’ve got a Christening deadline as shipping is from America but hi there thoughtful godparent.

Frankly I’m ordering them for myself and sticking them in all my books.


The above bookplate: Tiger Bookplate

Owl & Pussycat Bookplates . First Star Bookplates . Moon Garden Bookplates . Flower Crown Bookplates . Vintage Jaguar Bookplates



Richard Scarry

So the Easter holidays are upon us, and naturally (prompted by a million window displays) my thoughts have turned to floppy ears and fluffy tails. Of all the bunnies, there’s one that I am reminded of this time of year that makes me particularly happy and nostalgic in equal parts. Richard Scarry’s Best Bunny Book Ever! was a tale my mother used to read to me when I was little. She had the nouse to stash them away and now I have the pleasure of reading them to my own children years later.

The old fashioned water colour illustrations are incredibly beautiful. There’s a timeless quality to them that parent and child appreciate alike. I absolutely LOVE them.

I buy them for the children to continue the tradition of collecting Scarry’s work but they also make brilliant presents for others. I have often brought three as a present for my Godchildren.

Here are my favourites:

I am a BunnyChipmunks ABCGood Night, Little BearColors and of course, Best Bunny Book Ever!

Present Drawer Perfection

Yesterday, I did a very spoiling thing. I went to the V&A for no particular reason other than I had a spare hour and I fancied having a mooch around. When I say spare, I mean not so much spare but that I was putting off all the other stuff that I was supposed to be doing. The V&A also has a rather wonderful shop which was, let’s be honest, the reason for my visit.

My top purchase was this wonderous ‘book’ of English Chintz fabric wrapping papers. There are 12 sheets folded into quarters. I got it home and I’m not entirely sure I can bare to part with any of them. It’s an essential for any present drawer in my humble opinion.

P.S I was having a little scroll through the M&S website yesterday and found this Marie Chantal Hat and Glove set on sale for £10.  We’re talking cashmere for a tenner! Sizes range from 3-6 months to 3-6 years. Bulk buy I say and hand out to friends at will.


I'm not saying Mother's Day, I'm just saying these are things I like right now

We’ve just made it through V-day and we’ve already got another cheesy holiday to get behind. Mother’s Day is coming. But for once, this one I am quite fond of. I’ve used it as an excuse to collect pretty things and contemplate purchasing them, or forwarding them to a certain someone. Any excuse.

1. Maison Labiche Amour Embroidered T-Shirt Remember those & Other Stories Jeans I was banging on about? Wear this with them and you’re sorted.

2. Diptyque Baies Candle An oldie but a goodie. My favourite scented candle.

3. Agnes Martin by Frances Morris & Tiffany Bell I had this on my shoot in NY and it was heavenly.  Definitely buying this.  I love and inspiring art book.

4. Bridie Hall Alphabet Brush Pot I just need to have one of these *forwards to husband*

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette I’ve heard seriously amazing things about this.  I mean like seriously amazing.

6. Emma Lacey Everyday Mug I’m very particular about my mugs and this has definitely got the thumbs up from me.

7. Topshop Stripe Puff Sleeve Shirt Tops of my summer wish list.

8. Coco Chocolate Bar I mean! For the packaging alone!

9. White Company Spa Restore Hand & Body Balm I had a good sniff of this geranium infused beauty last time I was in the store and it was gorgeous.

10. Mango Metallic Handle Tote Bag Definitely not a nappy bag but that’s the point.  For those just a phone and a bank card moments.