These John Lewis Little Girls' Pyjamas Are A Thing Of Beauty

When it comes to girls pyjamas there sure is a heck of a lot of unicorn, Disney, generally gaudy landfill out there. I’m sorry there just is.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I found a pair of pyjamas that were actually chic and beautiful. Peter pan collar, brushed cotton for winter and a disty soft print – hello!

Sure, sometimes you let ’em get what makes their little hearts happy. Go ahead, you wear that Elsa dress to bed tonight. You won’t get hot at all.

Other times one feels less amenable and it’s all sludgy colours because mummy says so. “You can dress however you want when you leave home but right now you are my dolly and you will do as you’re told.”

😉 Joking 😉

Mum of the year award goes to….

(But seriously, go get these pyjamas).

John Lewis Children’s Floral Bee Print Pyjamas

Maileg Best Friends Rabbit

M&S Washed Cotton Pillowcase

A Easy Mango Find For When You Don't Want To Think About What To Wear

Obviously, I like to dress to compliment my home 😉 – as you can see by this little addition to my autumn wardrobe.

I did a quick fly by into the Mango Victoria store this week and spotted this blouse which had totally slipped under the radar of my frequent internet scrolling sessions. A quick try on confirmed its ‘what’s not to like’ appeal (100% cotton feels super soft, even a bit cosy). It definitely has a whiff of a Soeur/ Cecilie Copenhagen number about it but at a nice high street price.

It’s basically the perfect winter blouse – one for chucking on with a pair of jeans on days when you don’t know what to wear but you’re trying to show you’ve made a bit of effort.

Exactly what I’m doing today!

Mango Puffed Sleeves Blouse

My Perfect Winter Coat

So, I’ve done a lot of trawling (surprise, surprise) for my perfect winter coat.  The budget is not currently stretching to Masscob or Marant so I’ve hit the high street and Topshop has come up trumps.

It’s a bit of a departure but it’s definitely love in a big way. It’s all about the texture and the creamy colour for me. And who wouldn’t enjoy cocooning themselves in a giant teddy bear. Essentially, I’ve gone and bought myself a Berber rug for my back.

Topshop Borg Cocoon Coat

Good Things Just Dropped In The Shop


The Minford and miniford shops have been updated. My HOURS of pain, quite literally trawling until my eyes hurt, will hopefully be your gain with my edit of the latest interior and fashion finds for you and your little ones.

As for me, I’m off on me hols so it’ll be a laptop shut, bikini on, picnic on the beach situation for the next few weeks. Unable to give up technology entirely Instagram will of course continue as usual 😉 .

Au revoir for now!

The White Blouse

I am a sucker for a white lacy something. Call it my Isabel Marant/French Summer meets Victoriana obsession if you will. But each July, as the children break for the holidays, out comes my collection. This year I’ve snagged a particularly super white blouse from &Other Stories (aka my second home) to add to the collection. This little number has puffed sleves (a little nod to Jacquemus there) and a run of covered buttons up the back. It’s a heavier 100 percent cotton so one for when the clouds descend and the nights get a little cooler.

In other white blouse news I noticed yesterday that the River Island broderie number that was in the Minford Shop a while ago is now back in stock! The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

Shop it: & Other Stories Buttoned Back Blouse