Summer Towels

I don’t know where you are reading this from today but it comes to you from central London that is in the midst of a heatwave. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.

I’ve longed for the sun the entire winter! And yesterday it was sun we got. When the mercury hit 34 (so said my car thermometer) I had to hose myself and the children down in the garden. We all dried off under our apple tree and it got me to thinking about how the towels we were wrapped in are my favourite summer accessories.

They’re like saying to your body “hey there, it’s summer, season of holidays and rosé – rejoice”. They make me think of lying out on a Greek island and sleeping in a whitewashed stone house. They conjure all kinds of summertime feels. We use them on holiday, in the park, on sticky nights after a bath and they usher in summer for me.

These three towels are my picks: There’s my spendy buy above from the Conran Shop: Conran Hamman Towels  available in 10 different colours.

Then there’s the most subtle blush Numero 74 Set of 3 Honeycomb Towels that come in eight colours.

And lastly, the Designers Guild Orica Towels that also come in seven colours and four different sizes. You’ll spy the White Company’s Spa Restore hand and body wash that I’ve picked up recently and not stopped using. It’s the geranium and eucalyptus scents that have propably set me off on that whole Greek summer vibe again.




If you’ve been following the journal for some time this post won’t come as a surprise to you. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of rattan furniture.

For me, rattan is really a chance to flex the more eccentric side of my decor style. Whilst my home is largely decorated in subtle, quiet tones and plenty of grey, I secretly harbour a desire to live in an old school, chintzy, country pile.

That’s exactly where rattan furniture belongs – in the grand conservatories of stately homes. I don’t quite have the stately home sorted, but with one rattan chair, I feel as though I’ve caught the vibe.

But rattan’s a versatile old thing. Styled minimally, it can also bring a ’50s LA mood or conjure the feeling of an American home in the Hamptons.

It’s having a bit of a moment right now which means there are some excellent pieces to be found. Below should get your imagination going.

1.Low Rattan Chair . 2. Bamboo Pendant Light Not strictly rattan but you get that basket, woven vibe . 3.  Natural Rattan Dining Chair . 4. Vintage Rattan Charger Plates 5. La Petite Brocante chair. The site, run by Anne Catherine, always has fabulous new stock and focuses a lot on rattan. Follow her on insta here for all her latest stock.


De Gournay and Aquazzura create dream shoes

It’s no secret that whilst my house is largely an ode to grey paint, I have a split style personality that is equally obsessed with the idea of one day decorating my home in the ‘English Country House’ style. Think elaborate floral wallpaper, rattan furniture, wide brimmed hats to wear whilst pruning in the greenhouse (you get the picture).

So imagine my delight upon seeing that the master of luxury wallpaper de Gournay (essential to my floral chinoisere decor dreams) has collaborated with Aquazzura on an exclusive shoe collection sold on MatchesFashion.com

Now not only can I plaster the walls in the paper, but get some of Claud Cecil Gurney genius on my feet. The specialist handpainted wallpaper designs inspired Colombian shoe designer Edgardo Osorio to create a five piece collection.

The collection is modelled by one of my favourites, Arizona Muse. I worked with her on a shoot last year and I can confirm she is delightful and VERY beautiful. Imagine my horror when she suggested joining me on a run after shooting one day. “Yeah sure Arizona, can’t think of anyone I’d like to run up a Tuscan mountain with more, if you’re sure you’ll be able to keep up with me?!!

Personally, I am taking my cues from Miss Muse and hence forth I am going to be matching my outfits to my wallpaper more often!

Above Image Arizona wears: Aquazzura for de Gournay embroidered flats

Aquazzura for de Gournay embroidered pumps

Aquazzura for de Gournay embroidered loafers

Aquazzura for de Gournay embroidered mules

Aquazzura for de Gournay embroidered slides

Soho House Your House

I have a rule about hotels. If they’re not as nice as my own house then I am not going to fork out for one. No point in splashing all that cash when you’ve spent a lot of time making your home a beautiful place to be. That’s my theory anyway. The Soho Houses and Hotels dotted about the world are obviously somewhere I’d happily stay any day of the week.  (In fact I’m off to the new one in Barcelona in a months time so I’ll be sure to bore you senseless with my smug Insta Stories sipping cocktails by the pool).

They do a good old luxurious space thanks to the likes of mega designers Tom Dixon and Ilse Crawford. Last year they launched their own homeware and if you haven’t yet seen it, I thought I’d share my picks for you to ‘get the Soho look’.

Blue Cushion . Pitcher . Cocktail Glass .  Teapot . Cashmere Cinema Blanket . Laundry Bag


Baskets, for me, are like the gift that keeps on giving – no matter how trendy they are right now I’ll never, ever tire of having them in my home.

For me they are a timeless classic and I’m frankly on for having at least one in every room in house.

From giant ones for stashing towels in the bathroom, to tiny ones that serve as storage for the annoying tiny-doobery-thingys plastic crap that kids accumulate. The more the merrier.  And obviously not forgetting the essential beach/ getting your baguettes on your bike holiday ones.

Below are a selection of my current favourites. Enjoy.


  1. Natural Seagrass Basket
  2. Garden Trading Brunswick Laundry Basket 
  3. Nkuku Braided Hemp Basket
  4. Tine K Natural Table Basket
  5. Bloomingville Set of 2 Raffia Baskets
  6. Hogla Large Storage Basket