Minford – An Interiors and Lifestyle Journal by Twig Hutchinson

Black and White Stripes

Stylists can be a weird bunch sometimes, becoming fixated by a shape or a colour or a thing.  Well, for a while now one of my ‘things’ has been black and white stripes. Certainly not everywhere.  If you want to wallpaper your entire house in black and white candy stripes good for you but that’s not what I’m suggesting here. I’m simply saying that I am currently partial to the addition of a black and white striped item or object somewhere in the mix of your home.

Having been particularly inspired by an image of interior decorator Vincent Van Duysen’s living room rug, I’ve been pepping up my kitchen with a graphic striped plate and rather enjoying it too. A good strong graphic line in all the softness is what arty types would refer to as a disrupting the space. As in ‘ooh look at that bowl distrupting the space’.

So I’ve rounded up my favourite striped pieces including a brilliant reasonably priced fabric from good old John Lewis. Whip up a cushion and add it to the mix.

The beauty of a strong accessory is not needing to commit entirely to something you might easily change your mind on in a few years. There’s no risk of making an expensive decorating mistake. Personally I’m sticking with my black and white obsession but if it’s a passing fancy for you then none of this round up is going to break the bank.

The addition of a striped rug in this otherwise neutral interior by Vincent Van Duysen helps to add structure to the room.


John Lewis Ticking Furnishing Fabric

Nordal Black Stipe Rug

House Doctor Striped Laundry Bag

Holly’s House Striped Ceramic Dessert Plate

Habitat Striped Cereal Bowl

Shelf Life

So I’ve had my eye on this collection of beauties for a while now. Call me weird but my object obsession goes from strength to strength. Put these on your desk to spark inspiration come that mid afternoon slump. They surely beat any calligraphy squirly whirly quote hands down. Trust the Danes to come up with such a thing. Kristina Dam Studio YES PLEASE.

Kristina Dam Desk Sculptures


Dassie Midnight Blue Ceramics

Matt navy tableware, slightly wonky with a drippy glaze made by an eco conscious company –  these beauties made me stop what I was scrolling through and hit that buy button right away. Get in my virtual basket now please.

I am keeping it short and sweet today as I simply want to flag up these Dassie Artisan ceramics that I am really excited about. The company are based in good old Tunbridge Wells and work directly with artisans in developing countries to produce their homeware. That’s a big gold star in my book.

I plan to throw a linen cloth over the table (maybe even go a bit ‘Minford’ and make it dusty pale pink one) and pile on as many navy ceramics as I can fit.

Pitcher . Large Serving Bowl . Dinner Plate . Side Plate . Mug Pasta Bowl . Oval Platter

Dinner Plate . Side Plate

Pasta Bowl


Oval Platter

Summer Towels

I don’t know where you are reading this from today but it comes to you from central London that is in the midst of a heatwave. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.

I’ve longed for the sun the entire winter! And yesterday it was sun we got. When the mercury hit 34 (so said my car thermometer) I had to hose myself and the children down in the garden. We all dried off under our apple tree and it got me to thinking about how the towels we were wrapped in are my favourite summer accessories.

They’re like saying to your body “hey there, it’s summer, season of holidays and rosé – rejoice”. They make me think of lying out on a Greek island and sleeping in a whitewashed stone house. They conjure all kinds of summertime feels. We use them on holiday, in the park, on sticky nights after a bath and they usher in summer for me.

These three towels are my picks: There’s my spendy buy above from the Conran Shop: Conran Hamman Towels  available in 10 different colours.

Then there’s the most subtle blush Numero 74 Set of 3 Honeycomb Towels that come in eight colours.

And lastly, the Designers Guild Orica Towels that also come in seven colours and four different sizes. You’ll spy the White Company’s Spa Restore hand and body wash that I’ve picked up recently and not stopped using. It’s the geranium and eucalyptus scents that have propably set me off on that whole Greek summer vibe again.




If you’ve been following the journal for some time this post won’t come as a surprise to you. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of rattan furniture.

For me, rattan is really a chance to flex the more eccentric side of my decor style. Whilst my home is largely decorated in subtle, quiet tones and plenty of grey, I secretly harbour a desire to live in an old school, chintzy, country pile.

That’s exactly where rattan furniture belongs – in the grand conservatories of stately homes. I don’t quite have the stately home sorted, but with one rattan chair, I feel as though I’ve caught the vibe.

But rattan’s a versatile old thing. Styled minimally, it can also bring a ’50s LA mood or conjure the feeling of an American home in the Hamptons.

It’s having a bit of a moment right now which means there are some excellent pieces to be found. Below should get your imagination going.

Image above: Couleur Locale

1.Low Rattan Chair . 2. Bamboo Pendant Light Not strictly rattan but you get that basket, woven vibe . 3.  Natural Rattan Dining Chair . 4. Vintage Rattan Charger Plates 5. La Petite Brocante chair. The site, run by Anne Catherine, always has fabulous new stock and focuses a lot on rattan. Follow her on insta here for all her latest stock.